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Get My 'Money Mastery' Toolkit Completely Free (Worth £198)

Enter your details below to get your completely free Money Mastery Toolkit.

Adeyinka F.

I have categorised and separated my accounts now. I can easily see where things are at, and where they are going. My finances are far more organised, much cleaner and clearer than before. Since working with Aaminah, I have invested almost £100k in bonds and saved about £5k for my emergency fund. I have also set up a small side hustle which is really taking shape. I’m excited at the prospect of building on my income streams using what I have learnt over. 

Sarah Wilson

The budget part really helped me and I'm continuing to stick to my budget now! As a result I have already saved $1000, organised my savings into pots and I am really clear on my financial goals and how they are prioritised. I’ve also set up my emergency fund and have automated my finances, so a set amount goes towards my financial goals each month! Aaminah also gave me the clarity to decide which side hustle to pursue and I will be working on this in the coming months. I highly recommend Aaminah! 

Ammara Khan

As a result of working with Aaminah I have invested $5000 instead of keeping my money in a savings account. And all of my money is accounted for down to a cent! I think the biggest impact Aaminah has had on me was in terms of mindset change. My views about money have changed significantly and for the better. I would recommend Aaminah to anyone who wants to learn to manage and grow their money effectively.

A Bit About Me

Hello there! My name is Aaminah, I am the CEO of Brown Girl Money and your Money Mentor. I am ½ Pakistani and ½ Brazilian (an interesting, but wonderful mix). My brand is dedicated to empowering  women of colour with financial independence. However,  EVERYONE is ALWAYS welcome here regardless of gender, race or ethnicity. 

3 years ago I was stuck in a 9-5 I hated with over £30k of debt. And today I am an Entrepreneur with 7 passive income streams on track to retire a millionaire in my 40s. My goal is to teach each and every one of you how to do the same. 

This past year I have helped 50 women collectively save & invest close to £200,000. My goal is to help hundreds of others. My Money Mastery Toolkit is a fantastic place to get started. The tools in here will help you: manage your money, make more money & invest your money. 

If you have any questions, drop me an email here: [email protected] or send me a DM on Instagram @BrownGirlMoneyOfficial 

Get My 'Money Mastery' Toolkit Completely Free (Worth £198)

Enter your details below to get your completely free Money Mastery Toolkit.