The Financial Freedom Formula

Your guilt-free, stress-free formula to achieving financial freedom 

… faster than you can imagine! 

The only financial education & empowerment programme of its kind on the internet - from learning how to manage your money like a pro to becoming an investing badass, building multiple income streams…and everything in between.

We aim to…

  1. Empower YOU to be 100% in control of your financial future
  2. Educate YOU to understand everything from investments to business 
  3. Transform YOUR finances completely in just a few months

It’s not your fault!

Here’s the thing, if you’re like most people you’ve tried to build wealth and financial security before… you’ve read the books, googled “how to invest” and watched a bunch of YouTube videos…but it just didn’t work. 

You couldn’t bring yourself to take action. Or maybe you started working on things, but couldn’t stay consistent. 

Sound familiar? Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault!

We are in an era of information overwhelm. Every Tom, Dick, Harry and their dogs are posting “stock tips” and “business guidance” on the internet. Sifting through that and figuring out what is accurate, what isn’t, who to listen to and when…that’s a near impossible task.

And that is exactly why we have created this programme: a simplified step by step guide to achieving financial freedom with all the nonsense removed, accompanied with the accountability and support you need to stay consistent.


We are here for you!

It’s harder for women, and it’s even harder for ethnic minority women. 

To this day, there is a significant gender pay gap, misogyny and racism in the workplace, and not enough support for women who are juggling their careers with family life.  

But whether you want 5 kids or prefer to be child-free, know that we are here to support your dreams and goals.


So, what is The Financial Freedom Formula really about?

Having time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom. 

Building a life that you love- whether you want to travel the world solo or stay home with your kids without compromising your financial independence. 

I’ve seen too many women rely on fathers, husbands, and partners for financial security. I’ve seen too many women give up control of household finances because “it’s too complicated” or “he understands it better.” 

Life is unpredictable. Divorce and widowhood are something we all need to prepare for. 

My job is to simplify personal finance and empower you to control your finances yourself. Whether you have a partner to support you or not.


Does this sound like you right now?

  • You’re proud of how hard you work and you’re earning a good salary…but your bank account isn’t reflecting it. You’re not getting any closer to buying that first home or going on that dream holiday.  
  • You want more income and more stability but can’t see how or where it’s going to come from (there are only so many hours in a day).
  • You know that budgeting is a good idea but find it too restrictive and hard to stick to - so you end up wasting money and impulse buying.
  • You tell yourself that you’ll start investing…someday. But that day never comes. It feels complicated, scary and risky.
  • You told yourself you were only going to get a credit card for the points but somehow ended up with a balance that seems to be growing too fast to manage. 
  • You want to be financially free so you can live your dream life NOW, not in 40+ years when you can (hopefully) retire 

Here's the truth

It doesn't have to be this way

It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from or where you are now, your future as a wealthy woman is waiting for you. By making the decision to change your financial future today, you get to create real lasting generational wealth for you and your family.

Now, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. You will have to unlearn bad habits. You will have to learn to trust yourself. All of your natural impulses around money will change.

But here’s the thing: you’re not alone! The entire community, including myself, will be right beside you for every step of your journey.

"Since doing Aaminah's course, I have a clear idea of how to achieve financial freedom without working crazy hours for the rest of my life. I am far less afraid of my finances and feel more in control than I have in a long time."

Shalah Akhtar, student of the Financial Freedom Formula

The Financial Freedom Formula

Proven roadmap

You have lifetime access to 20+ hours of pre-recorded lessons containing everything you need to know about building wealth. 

Live Coaching Calls

16 weekly live group coaching sessions to give you the personalized guidance and support you need.

Exclusive Slack Community

You'll have direct access to me, my team, and our tight-knit community of ambitious women ready to support you along your journey.

Monthly Mindset Coaching

Each month, you'll have a live coaching session with our resident Mindset Coach to help you rethink your relationship with money. 

Here's what you'll learn

Everything you need to achieve your goals

Module 1


In Module 1, we help you to recognise and overcome the limiting beliefs stopping you from reaching your true potential. As women, and especially women of colour, we have grown up hearing narratives around money that are rooted in scarcity. In this module, we will:

  • Dive Into Your Relationship With Money & Your Money Story
  • Clear Negative Emotions And Remove Money Blocks Holding You Back From Building Wealth
Module 2


In Module 2, we help you build the foundations for a strong and successful financial future.  We show you how to make financial planning easy and effortless. In this module, we will:

  • Deep Dive Into Your Current Financial Situation
  • Learn How To Spend According To Your Values
  • Learn How To Save Money Even If You’re Scraping By
  • Set Goals and Map Out a Plan To Get There: What Do You Envisage For Your Future? What Is Your Financial Independence Number? 
  • Create A Spending Plan That You Will Actually Stick To
  • How To Automate Your Finances: Learn How To Put Your Money On Auto-Pilot
Module 3


Module 3 is all about multiplying the money that you have. We show you how to grow your income streams, how to invest your money smartly, and build long-lasting wealth in a tax-efficient manner. In this module, we will:

  • Learn How To Invest And What To Invest In, To Grow Your Money Over Time (Including Ethical / Halal Investing Strategies) 
  • Set Up An Investment Portfolio In Alignment With Your Faith, Ethics & Values
  • Create A Step-by-step Plan To Help You Build Wealth

Plus, you'll unlock our

Exclusive Side Hustle Module


After you have completed the first 12 weeks of foundational material, you'll unlock an exclusive bonus module dedicated to cultivating additional income streams without the risk of burnout. We'll guide you through the steps to identify your passions, leverage your skills, and create sustainable avenues for earning extra income.

But that's not all! 

We'll also dive deep into the world of business planning. You'll learn how to craft a strategic business plan, setting you on a path to success from day one.

This bonus module is your passport to financial flexibility and empowerment. Say goodbye to financial limitations and hello to a world where your income potential knows no bounds.


Spots Are Filling Up Fast! 

Apply now to be considered for Financial Freedom Formula! On your application call we will review your financial goals, determine if the Financial Freedom Formula is a right fit for you, and walk you through a demo of the course. 

We can't wait to meet you! 


Sherelle achieved this amazing result:

"I have set up an emergency fund, automated my finances, and finally started investing!"

Misha achieved this amazing result:

"I've invested ₤10,000 into stocks & ETFs since starting this course!"

Worried about the investment? 

Let's breakdown the value of The Financial Freedom Formula


16 Weeks of Live Group Coaching Calls

(Total Value of £8,000)

4 Monthly Mindset Coaching Calls

(Total Value of £2,000)

Lifetime Access to 20+ Hours of Prerecorded Online Training 

(Total Value of £2,000) 

16 Weeks Slack Access to Private Community and Coaches

(Total Value of £2,000)


Total Value: £14,000


When you join, you get £14,000 of value for just a tiny fraction of the cost!

I have helped over 150 women collectively save & invest close to £200,000.

So the real question is: can you afford not to join?



Get results or get your money back!

If you attend all coaching sessions and do all the work, but don’t get results- we’ll give you your money back! (minus VAT + processing fees). We are that confident in this programme’s ability to change your life!

and there is more:

If you're a perfect fit and decide to enrol on your application call, you'll also get these awesome Action-Taker Bonuses:

Bonus #2

Get Two For The Price Of One

(Value of £14,000)

Invite a friend, sibling, or partner to join you on your journey. The estimated value of this programme is roughly £14,000, you'll receive it for a tiny fraction of that. But even better your bonus member will get everything you get. It’s literally 2 for the price of one!

Bonus #1

Guest Masterclass Suite

(Value of £2,500)

You'll receive immediate access to our Guest Expert Masterclasses Suite, including 23+ (and growing) masterclasses on a range of topics, from investing in property to crypto to making passive income on Etsy. Where there is a gap in our knowledge, we bring external experts in.  

Bonus #3

One Extra Month of Coaching

(Value of £2,500)

Extend your access to our coaching team by a full month, including one additional call with our resident Mindset Coach, & four extra live group coaching calls. That's 20 full weeks of coaching!


That's a total value of £47,000!

All for a tiny fraction of the price !


Apply now to be considered for Financial Freedom Formula! On your application call we will review your financial goals, determine if the Financial Freedom Formula is a right fit for you, and walk you through a demo of the course. 


You'll walk away with:

  • A Well-Rounded Foundation In Personal Finance
  •  Systems And Strategies To Manage Your Money Like A Pro
  •  Exact Financial Accounts You Should Have Set Up For Success
  •  An Investment Portfolio For You & Your Kids (if you have them)
  •  At Least 1 Additional Stream Of Income
  •  A Tax-efficient Plan To Help You Grow Your Wealth And Achieve Financial Freedom

Imagine your life after The financial freedom formula

Your future's looking peachy

  • You can spend money guilt-free on the things and people you love
  • You can confidently make investment decisions and live stress-free, knowing that you will retire wealthy
  • You have ultimate time freedom because your investments are funding your lifestyle
  • You have multiple streams of income, but you’re not working 24/7
  • You have no high-interest debt or nonproductive debt at all
  • You are so financially confident that you can quit your job, take a break, or go on a holiday at a moment’s notice
  • You’re never stressed about money

Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Aaminah

After graduating from the London School of Economics, I spent 4.5 years working in Finance at a top Consulting firm and even sat my CIMA exams. Unfortunately, my job took a real toll on my mental health, and in the middle of a global pandemic…I quit and never looked back. My first step was to publish a book documenting my journey with money. 

It's Not Common Cent$" was an Amazon best-seller, and over 7,000 copies have sold since. Women around the world resonated with my story and wanted to learn from me. That’s how Brown Girl Money was born. 

I have helped over 150 women collectively save & invest close to £200,000. I have helped women going through divorce navigate the financial challenges around that. I have given women the confidence and practical strategies to quit their toxic jobs. I have supported stay-at-home mums to start an online business so they can be financially independent.

Most importantly, I have helped women around the world realise they are worth more than they think.

But it wasn't always this way...

I know how scary it can be... To face the reality of your financial situation. To make that first investment. To clear that debt. To start that business you’ve thinking about.

I’ve been there, done that. 

I was in £30k of debt not too long ago. I was working a toxic corporate job that I hated. I had no idea what investing even meant. I felt like there was no way out.

In less than 2.5 years, I have paid off all my debt, quit that job, started 3 businesses, and I have an investment portfolio that will allow me to retire in my 40s.

This is possible for you too.

Your path to financial freedom

1. Book An Application Call

Have a chat with our team. If you're the right fit, join our incredible community and take advantage of our Action-Taker Bonuses.

2. Dive in and take action

Dive into the content and take action. Can’t start right away? It's okay, you have lifetime access to the prerecorded teachings.

3. Financial Freedom

Finally feel confident with your money. From debt repayment to investing, you'll learn everything you need to succeed. 


This is for you if:

  • You want to feel in control of your finances.
  •  You want to invest in a sensible and passive manner. Making money while you sleep is the dream.
  • You want to invest in line with your faith, ethics, and values. 
  • You want a fun but profitable side hustle.
  •  You’re ready to put in the effort to complete the course.
  •  And you’re ready to start building wealth.

This is not for you if:

  • If you're looking for a get rich quick scheme.
  •  If you're looking for personalised financial advice (we recommend seeking a financial advisor).
  •  If you are looking for a quick fix, but aren't ready to put in the work. 

Don't just take my word for it!

Hear from a few of my past Financial Freedom Formula students as they share their journey, their experience, and their amazing results!


Are you ready to achieve financial freedom in your life?

Then, it's simple: you work with me and my team for 16 weeks and we commit to each other that we will completely change your financial trajectory. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk, my friend

It's your time. It's your turn! 

I get that it’s scary to talk about things no one in your family talks about, I get that it’s scary to want things you don’t yet believe you are entitled to, I get that you’re not quite ready to admit that you want to be wealthy…

But what if you did…

What if you committed to it? What if you talked about it? What if you surrounded yourself with other people that want it? What if you learnt the strategies and actually implemented them?

Your future is waiting:A future where you are genuinely happy and content - not spending money to fill other voids in your life.

  • A future where you have created generational wealth to set your loved ones up for financial success for years to come.
  •  A future where you have multiple holidays a year, a membership at the fancy gym, and that jacket.. You know the one (you’ll probably only wear it twice a year but it’ll look amazing!)

Still on the fence? Check out some of the

Messages from my students:


Spots Are Filling Up Fast! 

Apply now to be considered for Financial Freedom Formula! On your application call, we will review your financial goals, determine if the Financial Freedom Formula is a right fit for you, and walk you through a demo of the course. 

We can't wait to meet you! 

Disclaimers: Any information presented is not investment advice. I am not a financial advisor and this information is for educational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our associated websites, social media properties, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of future earnings or results. We always recommend using caution and consulting your accountant, lawyer, or professional financial advisor before making any investment decision or before acting on this or any other business or financial information. Basically: talk to professionals before you start investing, recognise that all investments come with an inherent risk, and we don’t guarantee results.